283. City of New Orleans (LB1/15)


(Steve Goodman)

Anmerkung zu Chords und Text: mir sind 2 Versionen bekannt, die sich auf Grund der verschiedenen Interpretationen dieses Liedes überliefert haben. Die hier verwendeten chords habe ich aus einem Country-Songbook und findet sich auch in unserm Liederbuch "Fridolin Fröhlich". Da es auch unterschiedliche Textversionen gibt, habe ich mich hier an jene in LB1 gehalten.

[C] Ridin' on the [G]City of New [C]Orleans, []~
[a]Illinois Central, [F]Monday mornin' [C]rail, [G7]~
[C]fifteen cars and [G]fifteen restless [C]riders, []~
[F]three conductors and [G]twentyfive sacks of [C]mail. []~
All a- [a]long the southbound []odyssey,_ the [e]train pulls out of []Kankakee,_
[G]rolls along past []houses, farms and [D]fields, []~
[a]passin' trains that []have no name, and [e]freight-yards full of []old black men
and the
[F(G)]grave-yards of the [G7]rusted automo- [C]biles
(Singing:) [F]Good mornin' A- [G]merica, how [C]are you? []~
[a]don't you know me, [F]I'm your native [C]son!
[G7(G)]~ I'm the [C]train they call the [G]"City of New [C]Orleans"
[]~ (And) I'll be [F]gone 500 [G7]miles when the day is [C]done []~
[C]Dealin' cards with the [G]old men in the [C]club car, []~
[a]penny a point, and [F]no one keepin' [C]score,_ [G7]~
[C]pass the paper [G]bag that holds the [C]bottle, []~
[F](and) feel the wheels [G]grumblin' near the [C]floor_ []~
And the [a]sons of Pullman []porters and the [e]sons of engin- []eers
ride their
[G]fathers' magic []carpet made of [D]steel, []~
[a]mothers with their []babes asleep, are [e]rockin' to the []gentle beat
and the
[F]rhythm of the [G7]rails is all they [C]feel. []~ Singing:
Refrain: (Singing:) [F]Good mornin' ...
[C]Night time on the [G]City of New [C]Orleans, []~
[a]changin' cars in [F]Memphis, Tennes- [C]see, [G7]~
[C]halfway home, (and) [G]we'll be there by [C]mornin', []~
through the
[F]Mississippi darkness [G]rollin' down to the [C]sea. []~
But [a]all the towns and []people seem to [e]fade into a []bad dream,
and the
[G]steel rail still []ain't heard the [D]news, []~
the con-
[a]ductor sings his []song again, the [e]passengers will []please refrain:
[F]train has got the disapp- [G7]earin' railroad [C]blues []~
Refrain: (Singing:) [F]Good night' ...

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